Tammy Gable

Owner/Founder of Ethereal Energy

RI Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki & IET Practitioner





Tammy moved to Rhode Island in 2010 and fell in love with the ocean state.

She began her holistic health journey while in Southern California in 2007, when she enrolled in National Holistic Institute of Encino, CA. for massage therapy. Her experience there was so nurturing and healing that it inspired her to bring this sort of love and healing into the world. Her previous experience as an actress allows her to be able to empathize and connect with people of all different walks of life in a meaningful way. The belief in unity and equality of all beings is the main driving force of her work. Each and every person deserves nourishing touch and space to release physically and energetically what no longer serves their highest good. Ethereal Energy is a place where one can do that.


Tammy's sessions are primarily firm, deep and slow, while including other more subtle modalities that address the energetic field and the nervous system. This allows for more productive treatments to occur.  She loves focused work in areas that call for it but always with intention of it being a full body, mind & spirit experience. Pressure levels can vary from extremely gentle to firm & deep. Depending on what your body needs and the feedback you give prior to the massage and during will determine what pressure levels and techniques are used. She has a vast array of experience with many issues such as sciatica, phantom pains, scoliosis, PTSD & PPD. Tammy offers cupping, warm stones and epsom salt scrub exfoliation.

When Tammy isn't doing massage and energy sessions she can usually be found exploring the beauty of life with her beloved family, kickboxing and studying astrology. She is so grateful for this epic journey called life. 

"Let's take our time, see what we find; with intent to align body, spirit and mind." 

-Tammy Gable

**Isabella is not currently seeing clients. 7/1/20**



Isabella Victoria

Master Shaman,

Wiccan High Priestess & Angel Therapist

As long as she could remember, Isabella has been able to connect with spirit and angels as well as see energy. She began reading auras at 7 years old. Her mother raised her to understand the medicinal properties of herbs, to know that our words are spells, and taught her all about the power of intention and how our thoughts manifest. Most importantly she taught her to see the magic in everything! 

After high school, Isabella became a CNA. She felt and knew deep in her heart that there was a higher calling for her. She believes that food, herbs & music are the real medicines. Disease first starts in the energy field.

Isabella's shamanic healing sessions will get you to the energetic ROOT of whatever obstacles or issues you may be dealing with; mind, body or spirit. The angels aligned Isabella with Master Shaman, Annette Burke; who took her under her wing and taught her everything she knew. Ever since she has been on a life long mission to raise the vibrations of earth through Shamanic Energy Healing. She works very closely with Rainbow Light Energy; which is an extremely powerful high vibrational light energy. With your permission, she goes into your soul to channel past lives in order to remove past life imprints, remove current life imprints, assist in rewriting soul contracts, decoupling: which is resetting of the fight or flight response, retrieval of lost soul parts, egg cleanses, angel card readings, mystical oracle card readings, and channels your personal and guardian angels to relay messages from them to you. She checks your energy flow, removes blockages in chakras, and extracts entities and helps send them back to the light. She is a huge animal lover and offers the same services to animals as she does for humans. She offers remote healing sessions, as well as in person. Please specify when booking if you would like a remote session. Remote sessions can be done for someone anywhere in the world.


"We are so honored and pleased to welcome Isabella and her magical healing to Ethereal Energy! What she does is so special and sacred. Her connection to the other side is palpable, and she is sure to assist you in clearing many patterns, habits, energies that are holding you back."

-Ethereal Energy Massage 


"During my shamanic healing sessions, I will help you to become the most healed self that you have the potential to become in that moment. I will help you to heal and step into the full embodiment of your higher self." 

-Isabella Victoria

Nicholle Allen

RI & CT Licensed Massage Therapist,

Certified MotherMassage Practitioner,

Certified YoMassage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner

& DONA Birth Doula

           Nicholle was born and raised in Massachusetts and moved to Rhode Island in 2008.  Nicholle became interested in massage when she received her first professional massage when she was expecting her first daughter.  After a couple of years of pondering the idea to pursue further knowledge in this field, she enrolled in Cortiva Institute and completed her training in 2018.  While in school, Nicholle developed a love for working with expecting mamas and their babies and dove into pursuing a certification as a birth doula with DONA.  She also expects to pursue a certification as a postpartum birth doula by the end of 2020.  In order to further serve expecting mamas, Nicholle became certified in pre- and postnatal massage.

          Nicholle also enjoys providing her clients with energy healing in the form of Reiki.  She loves helping her clients achieve their desired level of healing, removing blockages, and raising their vibrations so they can live their best life. She also provides Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, acupressure, Raindrop, and on site and in-office chair massage.

        When Nicholle is not in the office she enjoys spending time with her two little girls, Bianca and Rosalie, and her boyfriend, Joe.  She enjoys learning about chakras, essential oils, herbs, and furthering her education in the field of massage therapy to stay up on the current trends in the industry.  Her life mantra is "To thine own self be true."

                           "Nicholle is a breath of fresh air with her passion and gratitude for life. Her touch is firm yet loving and present and she has such a heart for supporting Mamas during and after the birthing process. So grateful to welcome her to the Ethereal Energy Family!"

-Ethereal Energy Massage





    Bay McCulloch





         Reiki Practitioner & Tarot Reader







         Bay's ultimate goal as a healer is to help clients connect to the power

and fullness of who they really are. Reiki and tarot, at their core, help soften resistance and ease knots out of the rope in our physical bodies, soul, and brain chemistry. Many of us walk through the world experiencing contrast and contraction which can whip up our minds and get stuck in our vessel. This can manifest as anxiety, depression, lack of self worth, self will run riot, illness, obsessive thinking, and other forms of discord that pinch us off from our highest selves and the energy of the universe that is always flowing to us. Bay, in the sifting and sorting of her own life experience,  has found tarot and Reiki integral to staying aligned, grounded, and happy. They help her return home to her own body and find a sense of safety and ease in any environment.


          The effectiveness of these tools in her own life and background in Psychology from Harvard University came together as an assignment to be a healer and pass on what has worked for her in the hope of helping others release that which once served them but is now no longer needed. Her approach to Reiki includes gentle touch to calm the nervous system and soften the mind so that the body can relax into wellness and heal where it needs to. Her approach to tarot reading follows the teachings of Lindsay Mac, creator of Tarot for the Wild Soul, which uses tarot as an ally for navigating the braid of soul and brain in the moment so that we can be with what is rather than walk away.


           "I believe that ultimately everyone is their own healer and their own teacher, I hope that you can come to sessions and take what serves you and leave the rest." -Bay McCulloch 


              "I have been working with Bay for years through massage and reiki and I am so impressed by the immense progress she has made in connecting to her own truth and in her ability to heal.  Her power to assist others in their healing process is truly inspiring." -Tammy Gable, Ethereal Energy Massage

Metatron's Cube

The symbol Tammy chose to represent Ethereal Energy is a symbol very sacred to her and it represents an angel she often works with when transmuting energy; Metatron is the Archangel and the symbol is Metatron's Cube. The Cube consists of 13 circles and 78 lines within this sacred geometry symbol. It shares resonance with the flower of life and is a powerful symbol for many reasons. This high vibrational symbol can facilitate healing by clearing lower vibrational energies, cleansing chakras, and raising the overall frequency in the space it is in. These are just a few benefits of this Sacred Geometrical symbol. We are honored and grateful to have this symbol represent what we do here at Ethereal Energy Massage. 

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