"There's enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That's the Truth." -Michael Beckwith

Here at Ethereal Energy we believe in the power of collaboration and connection. This is why we created a list of some incredible businesses that we recommend. Finding the right practitioners is so crucial to support yourself on this journey of life. We are happy to refer the following: 

Asa Angel Holistic Healing               401 615 4325


Asa is a Reiki Master who has special gifts to help her in assisting you in your healing process. She shares messages received during session and also is a professional reader and leads guided meditations.

Back in Balance Inc.                          401 225 2021


Michelle knows that true health, wellness and happiness does not come from one school of thought. She believes in an integrated approach that extends to several modalities of Massage therapy, Ortho-bionomy and the use of doTERRA essential oils.

Bayside Chiropractic                        401 223 0111                     


Need something a little more than massage can give? This is THE place for chiropractic care. They are gentle yet effective and if you have fear about chiropractors this place is sure to relieve it! They also specialize in treating babies and children and chiro care has an abundance of benefits. I recommend Paul & Megan.

Exquisite Beauty                              401 837 3811   

Galina gives the most luxurious facials including caring for your hands and feet during the treatment. She also offers full waxing services and eyebrow tinting as well. You have the convenience of getting a massage and a facial in the same day if you would like because we are located within the same office. If you do book with Galina let me know and I will offer you 20% off your service with me (excludes the Ultimate Massage).

Harmony on Hope Massage             401 270 8877                    harmonyonhopemassage.com 

Make yourself at HOHM and check them out specifically if you are in search of a tremendous Thai Massage, a helpful Oncology Massage or a Manuel Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (all of which we do not offer). They also offer a Perfect Pair massage if you would like to be in the same room during your massage. There are 4 treatment rooms here so it is the perfect place to go for a group massage outing! 

Kristina Delgado LMT                     401 834 4096


In search of an intense but beneficial sports Massage? Want to feel invigorated after your massage? Then look no further. She uses a variety of massage tools including cupping and scraping and gets you feeling revived.

Rhode Island Massage Works          401 648 5563


Nancy specializes in cranial-sacral and polarity and will help assist you in your healing process. Her approach is much more subtle and spiritual and is wonderful for anyone seeking an otherworldly experience. 

Synergy Massage & Bodywork        401 484 8565


Allie does phenomenal myofascial work that will make you question how your fascia lived without her before. 

Urban Bliss                                       401 585 8700


Jenna specializes in Ashiatsu and also offers intuitive guidance readings as well. 

Zenkai Acupuncture                       401 318 8399                        zenkaiacupuncture.com

Dr. Hadley Clark is our go to girl for acupuncture. She also does some powerful Reiki to complement your session if you would like. She is caring and has a way of putting you at ease from the moment you walk in the door.