Sacred Services

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." -Mahatma Gandhi

*Services with a * symbol can be done remotely.

Please email if you desire to do a session long distance. Thank you. 


This is your DEEP TISSUE massage. Let's invite the deeper issues to rise up and emerge so that pain is alleviated and homeostasis is restored. This massage is customized, as all massages at Ethereal Energy are; so the pressure level and techniques utilized are dependant on you!  

30   Minutes          $55

60   Minutes          $90

90   Minutes          $130

120   Minutes        $180

                                            Practitioners that offer this service are: Tammy & Nicholle

                                                                       (Nicholle does not offer 120 minute sessions)


This is your RELAXATION massage. Take a deep breath and feel yourself fully supported on the massage table and prepare to mellow out. Enjoy light to medium pressure of pure bliss, restoration and rejuvenation. 

30   Minutes          $45               

60   Minutes          $80                  

90   Minutes          $120                     

120 Minutes          $170                        

                                            Practitioners that offer this service are: Tammy  & Nicholle

                                                                            (Nicholle  does not offer 120 minute sessions)

  Love your Limbs

We spend so much of our time using our arms to reach out to connect to the world and our legs to keep us going. Take some time out to focus on limbs only, with option to include neck, scalp and face &/or hips. Includes a foot & lower leg epsom salt scrub.

30 Minutes            $55

60 Minutes            $90

90 Minutes            $130

                                            Practitioners that offer this service are: Tammy & Nicholle


   *Renew with Reiki

Do you have trouble unwinding and settling in to yourself after a long day? Feel frazzled or a little overwhelmed and/or emotional? A relaxing reiki session can clear the energy and renew your spirit. Relax and be renewed while allowing this ancient healing modality to assist you in your healing process. Is traditionally done fully clothed so wear comfortable clothing.

30 Minutes            $45

60 Minutes            $80

90 Minutes            $120

                                            Practitioners that offer this service are: Tammy  & Bay & Nicholle

   Calling All Angels!  --Integrated Energy Therapy

IET is a hands on healing modality that "gets the issues out of your tissues". This modality was created by Stevan J Thayer using the violet angelic energy ray brought to us through the 9 healing Angels of the Energy Field to work directly with your 12 strand spiritual DNA. It is a subtle technique that includes gentle touch in specific areas to help release limiting energy patterns of the past to help balance and empower your life in the present. Traditionally done fully clothed, so wear comfortable clothing.

30 Minutes            $50

60 Minutes            $80

90 Minutes            $120

                                             Practitioners that offer this service are: Tammy 

  The Ultimate

Yep, you heard that right, the ultimate of ultimate massages. 3 hours of magic massage bliss. You have the option to begin the session with some energy work (Reiki or IET) or to jump right into massage. The Ultimate includes warm stones, a back scrub, a foot and lower leg epsom salt scrub, and a range of different modalities and techniques of massage to renew, refresh and revitalize you while providing therapeutic results.

3 Hours                  $333

                                             Practitioners that offer this service are: Tammy 

  Cue the Cups

This is a specialty massage that utilizes silicone massage cups to increase blood flow, decrease pain and relieve muscle tension; it also decreases anxiety, fatigue, headaches from tension and much more. The cups draw stagnant blood to the surface and improves blood circulation to the tissues. This is a full body massage with targeted areas of the body where the cups are utilized. There are some contraindications, if you have any heart or circulation issues this is not the massage for you (there are other contraindications as well, check with your therapist to be sure this massage is appropriate for you).

60 minutes              $110

90 minutes              $150

120 minutes            $200

                                             Practitioners that offer this service are: Tammy & Nicholle

  Trauma Informed Integrative Massage

This is a massage for anyone seeking to work with massage as a way of reconnecting with their body/soul, especially after experiencing trauma of any kind. Enjoy a blend of trauma- informed techniques and approaches that together work to reconnect body and soul, with plenty of space for integration and intention setting. These sessions are all about nourishing you and your spirit back to full vibrance. 

30 minutes                 $55

60 minutes                 $90

90 minutes                 $130

                                             Practitioners that offer this service are:  Tammy  & Nicholle

  Prenatal Massage

Pregnant? This massage is for you! Clients are welcome at all stages of pregnancy, and safe techniques and modifications will be used as appropriate. Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to minimize stress and help to relieve common discomforts of pregnancy.

60 minutes                 $90

90 minutes                 $130

                                            Practitioners that offer this service are:  Nicholle

  Postpartum Massage 

This massage is designed to support folks who are 3 months or less postpartum. It is just as important to receive massage after birth as it is during pregnancy. At this vital time, massage can support your body in handling the physical demands of a newborn, speed up the healing processes from various birth injuries, reduce swelling, and support the abdominal muscles and the uterus itself. Clients who have had any pregnancy outcome (pregnancy loss at any sort or delivery at any stage) are warmly welcomed.

60 minutes                 $90

90 minutes                 $130

                                             Practitioners that offer this service are: Nicholle 

   Return to Center: Tarot reading for clarity

Tarot traditionally has been used as a tool for looking into the future or trying to make sense of the future. The thing is that our future is not fixed, it is determined by each moment. The key to understanding our future therefore lies in understanding our *now.* In this Soul Tarot reading, a modality pioneered by Lindsay Mack, you will be introduced to tarot as an ally for disconnecting from fear, ego, and swirling brain chemistry. During the session you will self report how you are feeling and journey with the cards as invitations and medicine to reunite with your highest self.

30 Minutes           $30

Practitioners that offer this service are: Bay

    Release Resistance: Reiki & Tarot Infusion

This session unites two healing modalities designed to release tension and resistance within the body, brain, and soul. Calm your nervous system and relax with the ancient healing technique of reiki followed by a short tarot reading to keep you anchored and receptive to the power and medicine of being right where you are.

30 minutes      $55

60 minutes      $90

90 minutes      $130

Practitioners that offer this service are: Bay

   Birth Doula Labor Support

A birth doula provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting or experiencing labor.  The purpose of a doula is to help mothers and families have a safe and empowering birthing experience.  A doula will provide expecting mommies with the resources and tools they need to advocate for themselves and their babies and make the best, and most informed decisions during their labor and delivery.  The doula is respectful and considerate of all religious and cultural beliefs and will even provide physical and emotional support to partners and other members the mother chooses to have with her during her birth.  Labor support services include complimentary consultation, two prenatal visits, unlimited communication during pregnancy and postpartum period, referrals to community resources, labor and birth support, and one postpartum visit. 


Package rate is $800.

Please email to set up a meeting with Nicholle if interested in a Doula package. MassagebyNicholle@gmail.com/ Tammygablelmt@etherealenergymassage.com       

Practitioners that offer this service are: Nicholle           


               Nicholle is currently looking for a family that is expecting or has a young baby  to offer free doula service. First come, first serve. 



Complementary Add-ons (by request)

Warm Stones 

Essential Oils

Epsom Salt back scrub

Epsom Salt foot scrub 

Warm towels 

                                             Practitioners that offer these services are: Tammy & Nicholle 

**The following services are not currently available to book:: as of 7/1/20**

   *Shamanic Healing Session

These sessions are offered remotely or in person, if you desire to have this done remotely please inform us via email when booking, then we will contact you to set up a time. You are fully clothed for these sessions, when you begin you will talk with the practitioner regarding any concerns, issues you would you like to address, ect and then you will choose a crystal to hold while you lye on the table and rest while the Shaman holds space and takes a deep dive into the depths of your soul (with your permission of course). She will go into a deep meditative trance where she connects with whatever past lives, or current life issues that may be disrupting things in your life currently, she will clear your chakras, remove any entities that may be attached to you and will come back to share what she discovered, cleared, what messages the angels or loved ones on the other side have for you and any other information that is relevant for you. She may feel guided to cut energetic chords tying you to other times, people, places or things. She may feel guided to give you some suggestions of ways to continue to heal. Each shamanic healing session is unique each and every time. The time allotted includes the actual session as well as what she does with you to prepare for session and after the session.

60 minutes            $111

90 minutes            $144

                                               Practitioners that offer this service are: Isabella

   Rest & Reset

Take some time out for yourself to rest and be taken on a journey of healing while our Shamanic Healer brings you back to homeostasis. This service resets the fight or flight response in the body, allowing you to be more present in the moment. 

30 minutes            $44

                                               Practitioners that offer this service are: Isabella

   Egg Out 

In this very unique session, a Shamanic Healer will assist you in clearing your energy; you lay comfortably on the table and she will move the egg all over your body while it absorbs any and all energy, stagnation and bad juju that no longer serves your highest and best good. After she completes this she cracks the yoke in a bowl and reads the yoke, giving you any messages your body has delivered into the yoke for you. You can hold the egg before she cracks it to feel how heavy it is after absorbing the energy. 

30 minutes            $44

                                               Practitioners that offer this service are: Isabella

   *Angel Insight

Angel oracle card reading, intuitively guided with channeled messages from any angels that wish to come through with a message for you. 

10 minutes        $11

                                               Practitioners that offer this service are: Isabella




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